Escape The Religion Industry

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What if I’ve turned my back on all religions yet I am still very much open to the possibility of such phenomena as, life after death, spirits, reincarnation and that there’s a cosmic intelligence responsible for life as we know it (or don’t know it) plus more? I sometimes wonder what category should I belong to?

I’ve always thought that these are important issues and that we should all ponder from time to time as, let’s face it, life is important. I have always loved to consider such meaningful topics – where was I before I was born? What was I doing there and what, if anything, will I be doing when I die? I’m sure many people entertain these or similar thoughts at various times throughout their lives, too.


Sadly, for many of us, these and other critical thoughts and questions were hijacked eons ago, and still are today, by the ever-pervasive religion industry. Just as all human needs are serviced or filled by someone with the desired product or service, so too, the religion industry fulfills that same role. You could say it’s all a matter of supply and demand and it’s that demand that I wish to also focus on in my ‘Escape the Religion Industry’ essay. We are all aware that, for various reasons (mainly supply and demand), new industries come into existence whilst older or outdated ones eventually die out. This raises the question: when, if ever, will religions also cease to exist?


My view is that if there is no evidence for it, then forget about it.

An agnostic is somebody who doesn’t believe in something until there is evidence for it, so I’m agnostic.
-Carl Sagan, American astronomer and author


Since religions are currently fulfilling the needs of their adherents how would their demise come about? This a difficult question to answer simply, but by sharing my religious and spiritual experiences accumulated over many decades often as a religious leader myself, I hope I can add a little to this growing debate. I am not alone in this new quest – or perhaps you could call it a new kind of service industry, too, as nowadays any internet search will reveal a whole plethora of websites and forums dedicated to the same cause of urging religion followers to WAKE UP and take back control and responsibility for their own beliefs and actions.


I make no claims at being a religious scholar, but I speak with a certain degree of authority since I was once a high-ranking religious leader for around fifteen years as you will discover further on in this essay.


If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities.

Voltaire, French author and playwright (1694-1778)






I was brought up in Central Queensland, Australia, to be a happy, active and well-adjusted person. I loved nature and spent much of my spare time out in it often camping or taking long rides alone on my pet pony far out onto the vast grassy plains which surrounded my home. I felt free both physically and in my thoughts – and naturally assumed that this was how life was meant to be.


This idyllic way of being quickly began to fall apart when my mother was suddenly admitted to hospital for an emergency life saving operation. Her doctor, who was a devout catholic, convinced her at this most critical moment to convert to catholicism because he was of the opinion that this would enhance her chances of survival. My desperately ill mother agreed that if she did survive the operation she would comply and also have all the family convert, too. Mum survived, and it wasn’t long before I found myself religiously attending mass every Sunday – it was a mortal sin to miss Sunday mass and, as we were taught, mortal sinners were destined for the everlasting fires of hell, so what choice did I have but to comply. I am now of the opinion that any clergyman who preaches eternal damnation to a child is guilty of child abuse and should be prosecuted accordingly.


My Saturdays were now disrupted with special catechism or catholic dogma lessons and every Sunday, without fail, were of course disrupted by mass. I was quickly dispatched to a strict catholic school wherein, in those days (the 60’s), my mind was inculcated with a myriad of complex do’s and don’ts and their relevant fearful consequences for non-compliance.


I was soon stripped of my innocence and became preoccupied in avoiding, at any cost, the pitfalls leading to eternal damnation – and believe me, there were many. An ‘us versus them’ mentally began to overshadow anyone and everyone I knew or met.


Within six months of my forced conversion I was a transformed person. I was still only around twelve years old at this stage and no longer was I prone to let my inquisitive mind ponder deep and meaningful-to-me, concepts important for a fruitful life. I now had to accept the church’s view. There was no room for questioning and a form of inquisitive atrophy set in. I was told how the pope’s words were infallible – don’t think for yourself and keep studying the bible and the other prescribed texts. Any form of sex or sexual thoughts or feelings will lead to eternal damnation. I was already dammed then. Be pure and chaste like the clergy – I was taught. Nowadays, we discover how so many catholic and other clergy are being exposed as child molesters or pedophiles. To make matters worse many of these predators have been protected by their superiors and some have sought asylum in the vatican where they are hoping to be protected from prosecution or extradition. In my mind this also raises questions about the degree of complicity of any practising catholics who knowingly and willingly support the catholic industry knowing full well that this is an industry which protects and continues to give sanctuary to such criminals. Exactly where does the guilt and complicity end?


If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for a reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.
-Albert Einstein, German-born American physicist


Now, several decades later and in the autumn of my life, and back in my own mind again, I look back upon the sad absurdity of my situation then and it still makes my blood boil knowing that nothing much has changed in this industry – the catholic church being just one of the many service companies within the religion industry.  Looking back, I cannot imagine how I surrendered myself to such a power, to such an un-proven and un-scientific ideology. I cannot believe how quickly I gave away my desire to ponder and mull over, what I thought at the time, the big questions of human existence.  Such contemplation had once been important to me. Sadly, having now lost this ability and to simply accept whatever I was told, the seeds had been sown for what was about to come.


Unlike most religion followers, I was converted to religion: catholicism, something that most people never do. For most people it’s so simple – if you were born a jew, a muslim or a christian you simply adopted, without question, the religion into which, and by pure chance, or by default, you were born into. What’s startling is that although one’s religion was chosen simply by default people will then go on to claim it to be the most superior of all, and by natural extension come to see themselves as more special or more chosen than those of the other inferior religions – such is the power of geography in the destiny of humanity. Even without studying or experiencing other religions, for some, their default religion will be defended even to the point of their death or, more unfortunately, the deaths of others. Unbelievable!


You never see animals going through the absurd and often horrible fooleries of magic and religion.

Only man behaves with such gratuitous folly.

It is the price he has to pay for being intelligent but not, as yet, intelligent enough.
Alex Haley, author “Roots”


It reminds me a bit like product or company loyalty in the world of commerce – once a Ford automobile family, always a Ford family irrespective of the quality of competitors. I prefer to eat whole meal bread whilst many insist on refined white bread. It’s really that simple – and scary.


I must confess that I never did make a good catholic as my peers and teachers would have liked, instead I seemed more preoccupied in dodging the pitfalls which would have had me dispatched to the eternal flames. As I grew older and after a decade of no contact with the religion my mind and thoughts slowly returned to what I would consider a reasonable state of equilibrium. Slowly, I began to create my own opinions again and I even flirted with the popular new age industry of the 70’s and even studied much of their literature.


Like many people today I felt that there was a void or vacuum in my life – but what should I fill it with?


Religion is a byproduct of fear. For much of human history, it may have been a necessary evil,

but why was it more evil than necessary? Isn’t killing people in the name of God a pretty good definition of insanity?


Arthur C. Clarke, author





I’ll never forget that fateful day I went to a new age festival held just out of town. I was mainly interested in just experiencing all the commotion, sights, sounds and exotic smells. Here, I chanced upon a very charismatic and highly educated medical researcher from one of Australia’s top universities. He had just returned from Japan wherein he had spent the past two years on a government research grant studying the inner-most functioning of the human brain. He was giving a lecture and I stopped to listen in. His credentials, degrees, charisma and sincerity were impeccable and I was interested in what he was saying. He claimed to have answers to many of my life’s questions. He even represented a new Japanese group intent on spreading this message and accompanying therapies. Thirsty for answers, I eventually joined his group and immediately felt a wonderful feeling of belonging. Finally, I had found a group of like-minded truth seekers and so I began to attend all their seminars and other activities.


My new-found charismatic leader soon became a good friend and before long I smoothly slotted into the role of second-in-command of this rapidly growing movement. Before long I too was traveling extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region conducting seminars teaching the new-found oriental truths so eagerly accepted in the 70’s.  For many years I traveled throughout Australia, where I live, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, New Guinea, the Philippines, and more. I was truly run off my feet keeping up with demand creating our new Empire of the Sun. I even spent one year straight in the forests of Malaysia on the island of Borneo creating a regional headquarters as membership in this area was now in the thousands. It was here that I earned the title of White Witch Doctor. And what a Witch Doctor I was to become as I delved deep into a mysterious world of spirits, spirit possession and omens.


Lighthouses are more helpful then churches.
-Benjamin Franklin, American Founding Father, author, and inventor


Our group’s dogma or product was a compilation of teachings on life after death, reincarnation, spirits, spirit possession, the coming Armageddon and the superiority of our product over all others. This was absolute and we were the Chosen Ones – the new and improved levites. We had the whole truth and only we would be saved.


In all my misguided fervor I was too blind to see the same parallel absurdities that I was once forced to take on board as a member of the catholic industry. Like all companies cash was always in demand and we needed plenty to expand our golden empire and here our members happily complied.


As my position and responsibility consolidated within the company I gradually became privy to their innermost trade secrets during specially arranged visits to the fatherland – Japan – the home of the gods. Here, amongst many things, I learnt how the Japanese emperor was a divine being and was destined to rule the world as in ancient times and how he had tried unsuccessfully to achieve global supremacy during the second world war. I was also introduced to many of the company’s top brass and discovered how many of them were once high-ranking military officers. I also learnt how Jesus had lived out his final years in Japan after escaping the crucifixion. They even took me to his grave in far northern Japan. They showed me references to his escaping crucifixion  in the Koran which explains why muslims don’t believe Jesus died on the cross.  How these two major religion industries, islam and christianity, could ever hope to find any common ground or compatibility is beyond me. It wasn’t just Jesus who found his final resting place in the land of the gods, but according to secret burial mound photos that I was shown, so too did Moses and Buddha as it was in this sacred land that the long-sought-after ark of the covenant was secreted away and is now in the possession of the emperor of Japan.


I condemn false prophets, I condemn the effort to take away the power of rational decision,

to drain people of their free will–and a hell of a lot of money in the bargain.
Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek (1921-1991)


I guess by now you could be excused for thinking ‘why did I believe this dangerous ultra-nationalism or superstition and didn’t abandon this group and simply run away’?


Well, it’s not that simple. If you check out some the aforementioned links you will discover that much of this superstition is not just some of the beliefs of my group but are the current widespread beliefs of many Japanese people based upon old myths. I wasn’t exposed to these trade secrets till after I had been a member for several years – till it was safe to do so – till I was so brainwashed that I was prepared to believe and do anything. Underpinning these beliefs was the constant fear of failure. If I were to fail in guiding my group correctly to fulfill its mission of creating a global theocracy – global peace, we would all be banished to hell forever (sounds familiar). If anyone was to question any of the dogma it was a sign that they were possessed by evil spirits as this invisible ghoulish army was opposed to our glorious mission. The fate of humanity rested on our shoulders – and more so on mine.


Besides, this was now my well-paying elitist job. I was partly responsible for the nurturing and guidance of thousands of members in the Australasian region. It was now who I was, and it had taken fifteen years of hard work during the most productive years of my life. My void had long-since been filled and to suddenly negate everything was to negate myself.


How would you feel if you had been a faithful Ford person all your life and suddenly and it was revealed that Ford cars were crap after all and that the company was closing down? You would be very disappointed to say the least. It is for this reason that my essay is aimed more so at the young before the religion addiction has had time to take a firm hold.



Faith means not wanting to know what is true.


Friedrich Nietzsche, German philologist and philosopher (1844-1900)



The process of indoctrination or brainwashing was more of a slow drip feed over many years, which in turn, I passed onto members of the group. Superimposed upon everything we did was the ever-present mission to save as many people as we could and prepare them as seed people for the coming Armageddon. The seed people would then start a new world order – a new theocracy. In all my fervor I never thought to question who would rule over this theocracy until it was too late as we were discouraged from asking any questions as we had been taught questioning was a sure sign of spirit possession.


My aforementioned experiences within this group are presented only briefly here as this essay is not meant to focus in-depth on any particular religion company, including mine. Instead, I hope to encourage readers to see how religion companies operate in expanding their numbers and maintaining allegiance irrespective of how absurd, superstitious or dangerous their beliefs may be by presenting my firsthand experiences.  For my total experience plus more please obtain a copy of my e-book ALL THE EMPEROR’S MEN


Without being aware of my warped thoughts and deeds I became a company henchman, mullah, and firebrand preacher. I was convinced I was right – the company had convinced me that the world needed saving, that only we had possession of these new oriental esoteric truths and we needed to sell this message, or product, to the world – and we did. Branches were set up throughout our region whilst other regions did the same elsewhere. Globally there were around a million members in its heyday. Our clients included politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers and even a few clergy from other religion companies. We were an elitist company and we concentrated on quality thereby qualifying ours as the most supreme of all – similar to what all religion companies believe. We were well and truly in the race to see who could be the most arrogant of all.


So, by now, you might be asking again how did I escape this guilt-ridden, fear-based madness? Well, I’m gradually getting to that by sharing with you the depth of my involvement or degree of brainwashing. It took years to become what I became so please bare with me a little longer as I explain further whilst keeping in mind that these experiences are similar to what all religion industries offer, only that their dogmas will vary.  I also hope it helps you understand, at a deeper level, what goes on in the minds of the clergy irrespective of the company they represent.


I know now how crazy it all was, but let’s have a brief look at some of the equally weird, unproven, un-scientific and superstitious beliefs of some of the common religion companies. Please keep in mind that I do have some experience of the catholic company. Remember, I was once forced to become a member in my childhood and how I morphed from an easy-going, happy, naturally inquisitive religion-free child to one racked with a great fear of eternal damnation, a fear of god and an arrogance towards non-catholics.


Even as a reluctant catholic I eventually became to believe in the following: the infallibility of the pope, Jesus was born as a result of an immaculate conception, he could walk on water, turn water into wine, make dead people come back to life, died on a cross and came back to life three days later plus so much more. Some are believing that all of creation as we know it occurred a mere 6,000 years ago! In my opinion these people would be better served by joining the Flat Earth Society.


I was taught that I was a sinful unworthy person destined for eternal damnation but for Jesus dying on a cross and taking upon himself all my sins instead – I could go on but you may be understanding my point. But if you need more ponder a moment upon the absurd and arrogant belief that only catholics have the true faith. This is something common to all religion companies. Even in the afterlife they would all keep us apart by dividing cemeteries into the various religions and denominations. If you don’t believe your religion company to be the best – the one specially chosen by god for you as being the absolute, then why didn’t you change to another? The reality is that very few people do. Some religion companies prohibit changing or joining new ones – try becoming a jew, for example. Males should be aware that a prerequisite for membership requires having your penis mutilated as other religions do.  Try leaving islam. Be careful as you could be murdered as the link clearly warns.


I am left wondering what kind of god, whom I was taught made humans perfect in his image, would suddenly require his male subjects to chop some flesh off the end of their penis’. And this is a god that prefers the circumcision to be performed whilst still an infant or very young boys unable to make any informed decisions about the fate of their foreskins. How is this religion custom allowable in the eyes of any law?  And what are the origins of this wide-spread practice? Below you will begin to see how it has its genesis in the ancient, unproven and convenient Abrahamic covenants.



The Christian faith from the beginning, is sacrifice: the sacrifice of all freedom,

all pride, all self-confidence of spirit; it is at the same time subjection,

a self-derision, and self-mutilation.


Friedrich Nietzsche, German philologist and philosopher (1844-1900)


It all goes back to a point I made earlier that it’s all a simple matter of conditioning. A republican family will always be republican, a capitalist society will always be capitalist and likewise a socialist society will always remain so, with the default factor being the major player. What this also means is that all our thinking regarding the major fundamentals of our existence have all been carefully thought out for us. There is no need to ponder the un-ponderables. All you have to do is follow and keep away from the competitors. Just leave all this important stuff to those who profess to know better. How absurd. How stupid. How lazy and dangerous. Just look at how this ignorant and arrogant form of mass population control is disturbing and threatening both regional and global peace all in the name of their gods, yahwehs, jehovahs or allahs.


I feel I speak with a certain degree of authority having lived as both a non-religious person and a religion company leader when I say I can so easily see the danger and underlying absurdity of this industry. It serves humankind no good.


Now let me return to the question of how I managed to take back control of my thoughts, beliefs and life after almost fifteen years as a top-ranking religion company leader. You may remember some of the beliefs I had taken onboard were equally as absurd, unscientific, dangerous and just plain stupid as those you will find in almost any religion company. Regardless of the efforts of my family and fiends to make me see reason I refused to listen. I was one of god’s chosen ones. I was entrusted with the highest truths, and that was absolute. I was even afforded special protection like all our members so as we could perform our sacred duties of saving the world. Who, in their right mind, would want to give all that up? How arrogant, dangerous – and common to all religion companies.


Religions vary in their degree of idiocy, but I reject them all. For most people,

religion is nothing more than a substitute for a malfunctioning brain.


Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek (1921-1991)





For the second time in just a few years another car carrying five of our most promising and protected seed people had all been killed instantly in an horrific accident after leaving our center. That now made it a total of ten killed in similar accidents on their way home in just a few short years. Again the police asked me to help identify the bodies and as I struggled to figure out who was who I found myself wondering exactly what kind of god I was serving, for weren’t we all its chosen ones as promised by our guru? I couldn’t help notice the blood-smeared sacred prayer books as I struggled to determine whose prayer books belonged to who. It was awful and still I can hardly bring myself to recount the events for you here.


A crack had begun to form in my arrogant armor plating and I now struggled to contain it. I decided to take some time off to mourn and reflect upon the whole tragic event. During this time I decided to travel back to Japan, the source, and a country I had come to love. By chance, whilst there alone, I encountered kind people who seemed eager to share a very different view of my group and its origins. Through a series of meetings with both ex-members and others I was presented with documentary evidence showing that my guru was a high-ranking militarist during the Second World War and played an instrumental role in the infamous Rape of Nanjing  in Chinawherein 30,000 women were systematically raped then murdered and 300,000 surrendered Chinese troops murdered. I also learned that he was a personal friend of the Japanese emperor’s brother. He was his class mate at the elitist military academy wherein my guru also became a military instructor. He also became Emperor Hirohito’s personal bodyguard. He also owned a military aircraft factory.


It seems that most of the group’s top-brass were classmates at the same military academy, and one in particular, Mr Kiyoharu Tomomori, my guru’s personal advisor, life-long friend, founding member, second in command and confidante was a convicted war criminal. He earned his death sentence for his personal involvement in the torture and beheading of 33 air crew of downed U.S. aircraft. This was several days after Japan had surrendered to the U.S. This mass murderer later managed a re-trial and received a life sentence, but like all convicted Japanese war criminals was set free in 1958. I met him on a few occasions.


I also learned how, at the military academy at that time, recruits studied the notorious manuscript ‘The Protocols of The Elders of Zion’ – a supposedly jewish manuscript detailing a cunning blueprint for jewish world domination. And finally to my even greater horror, after studying this vile manuscript myself, I realized that our most sacred texts, said to be the word of god, contained many passages distilled from the ‘Protocols of Zion’. Some sections of this manuscript had even been lifted word for word into our divine texts. Another notorious world figure who once did this was Adolf Hitler when he wrote his Nazi bible – Mein Kampf.



In many instances they have been upholding the thrones of political tyranny.

In no instance have they been seen as the guardians of the liberties of the people.

Rulers who wished to subvert the public liberty have found in the clergy convenient auxiliaries.


James Madison, American president and political theorist (1751-1836)



I was mortified and I was of there.


So those are the main facts and events that it took to shock me back into reality. Gradually I regained my ability to look at my group objectively for the first time and I was repulsed at what I saw. Understandably, I now look at all religions, ideologies and isms from an objective viewpoint and not one of: hoping it’s true, wishful thinking, blind faith or from a strong desire to simply belong.


Admittedly, mine was a rare and extreme experience and one that most will never experience, but this also means most followers of religion simply stay put within their cozy, blind faith religion company. I also hope that others will not have to experience what I did and this is why I feel so compelled to share my experience and awakening with you.


Over the following months and years I documented my findings in the form of my e-book, All The Emperor’s Men, plus several other related published articles. I shared my story in the media, via TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. As expected, I received a mixed response ranging from threats, verbal and written abuse to many more calls, letters and emails of support and gratitude from people who had also managed to escape the group and other religion companies. A recent Wikipedia  entry claims that because of my efforts in exposing the group over half its western members have now deserted it although membership continues to grow in Japan and some poor developing countries.


When I finally made the big escape I was also concerned with filling the void in my life which my group had filled for all those years. I didn’t have to worry over this for too long since the vacuum caused by my escape gradually became filled with my efforts and enthusiasm to alert everyone to the dangers of this group and to urge all seekers – those with a void in their lives, and those caught within the religion industry to stand back and take a good objective look at themselves and their religion company. Research its origins – is it based upon provable, documented and tangible facts and not upon ancient fables or folk lore, or simply because someone says it’s true.  Blind faith is a copout and never permissible. Check out its real aims, who are its leaders and where do its teachings come from. Claiming divine revelations is a sure giveaway and a sign of ultimate arrogance. If you were going to invest money in a company any sensible person would obtain corporate documentation and an accountant’s report first, so if you are going to invest your time, money and soul in a religion company doesn’t it make sense to do likewise? Is it selling a worthwhile product worthy of filling that void or could that void be filled with something better?





This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.


John Adams, U.S. President, Founding Father of the United States


At the beginning of this essay I stated how I was open to the belief in god. I am not an atheist. I believe in a good life and a good life after death just as the famous Michelangelo stated: If life was found to be agreeable, then so should death be. It comes from the hand of the same master.  But I am against the religion industry hijacking and stifling spiritual progress as this is what they do. This is a great disgrace and the greatest blight of all. Observe the turmoil in the Middle East. The religious and sectarian hatred amongst neighboring countries is now so deadly and out of control it’s threatening to escalate into a much broader conflict and nuclear weaponry could soon be utilized.  We are witnessing arrogance so blind it sees only its self interest at the expense of everyone else. It’s the ultimate religion company insanity – it’s simply religion gone mad.


At the heart of this deadly game is a 4,000 year old highly disputed fable concerning a 170 years old man named Abraham from the land now known as Iraq.  The fable relates how a god made a covenant with this mysterious person whereby the god said to Abraham that he and his descendants could have ownership over the land of Palestine as they are his chosen or favorite people. No deeds of ownership or any proof of this secret deal have ever been forthcoming and today the jews recklessly use this ancient 4,000 year old fable as giving legitimacy to their illegal occupation. How convenient, and soon we may all have to pay a heavy price for an ancient myth which has somehow found its way into today’s world as some kind of official authority for land ownership and genocide.


Recently on ABC-TV (April 9, 2012), during a religious panel debate, I was surprised to hear one of the panelists, Cardinal George Pell, the popes representative here in Australia, admit unambiguously when questioned, that Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, etc, is all a myth (google it). He further admitted that humans probably evolved from Neanderthals. As a child I was taught that it was god who created us in his image.


According to Cardinal Pell, these infallible biblical stories are no more than myths. So, if there never was an Adam or an Eve, the originators of our original sin, I assume there never was or is such a thing as original sin which conveniently serves as the master thread that binds the judeo-christian religions, their sects and their followers together. All along it has been a man made construct. These now-busted myths suddenly make the crucifiction of Jesus unnecessary since we now learn that there never was original sin in the first place: the very reason why Jesus died on the cross to save us from it. How liberating!


Earlier, I mentioned how the state of Israel was also founded upon a dubious biblical tale which, in their eyes, justifies their supremacy and occupation of Palestine. Since the Adam and Eve story and the human creation story have now been confirmed as myths we should also assume the jewish-Israeli justifications also have their genesis in fanciful and self-serving myths. And shouldn’t we also view that cunning jewish construct, the omniscient, vindictive and almighty judeo-christian concept of god as simply another self-serving myth, too?


Eventually, we must all come to realise that the religion industry if founded solely upon the creation and sale of myths – and what convenient myths they have proven to be.


There will be no peace in the Middle East until the jews and others involved abandon their myth-based beliefs.


Similar to the above absurdity is Japan’s belief in being the cradle of humankind with its emperor still acknowledged as a divine being reigning over a divine or special people. Based upon ancient Japanese folk lore, Mt Fuji is described as the naval of the world – the most sacred place. The imperial seal of the emperor and the symbol of Japan is the sixteen pedaled chrysanthemum which symbolizes the sixteen different compass points which the ancient Japanese emperor sent his children into order to civilize the planet. The catch cry of the Japanese military during the 30’s and 40’s was  All the world under one roof – meaning all the world ruled by a Japanese theocracy under emperor Hirohito.  And they nearly succeeded if it wasn’t for the U.S. dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Such extreme and horrendous action was required to distract the ruling elite and its militarists from such a deadly belief. The group I helped lead for fifteen years, and other sections of the Japanese population, still promote these deadly myth-based beliefs and more. The All the world under one roof war cry was ultimately responsible for the deaths of untold millions.   


It’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to make our own efforts to live as harmonious as possible according to our situation and strive to expand our own concepts of the wonders of the cosmos. It’s one of the purposes for being here – to ponder, study, to feel awe, postulate and to share our ideas and understandings. This is not the responsibility of some rabbi, mullah, guru or preacher who claims he has it all figured out for you. It’s for you to discover. This is what the cosmos expects of you just as it also expected of you to feed and nourish you body, you must also toil to nourish your soul likewise. The cosmos and all its wonders are waiting for you. Fill your void with what the cosmos wants to give you directly according to your efforts. How can you have a void if it’s being filled to overflowing with such abundance?


At present there is not a single credible established religion in the world.
George Bernard Shaw, Irish-born English playwright (1856-1950)


Do spirits, life after death and reincarnation etc, exist? Probably, but you must go and discover these possibilities. This brief essay is not about my spiritual beliefs, it’s about my religion industry experiences. Nowadays, modern scientific research, together with proven and well-documented experiences are revealing all these possibilities and more. Scientists are postulating the existence of parallel universes, life on other planets and even a god particle. The Earth is no longer flat. Get on board and discover how it’s all unfolding. How can you have a void if you are on a path of such discovery? Realize that when that void has gone so too will the demand – and when the demand fades so too will the service providers – the religion purveyors.


I am aware that some readers will see my repetitive use of the phrases religion industry and religion company as somewhat provocative, but if you take time to examine their purposes, structures and aims as I have, you will come to see them as simply service providers creating and selling myths and at best, simple placebos. We have the void and they fill it with a variety of products – a simple case of supply and demand, and a very profitable tax exempt industry at that.


I’ve come to the awakening that you don’t even have to have any beliefs – isn’t it better to have a wholesome and inquisitive mind ever seeking that next piece of the cosmic jigsaw – forever seeking higher possibilities? There is a danger that beliefs can hold you to a specific point in time or in the distant past, but possibilities stretch on to eternity.


Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt,

tortured, fined and imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity.

Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

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That is more than what can be said about the Broncos, as after Case Keenum Keenum there is a Ke Keen Keenum Keenum there is a Ke Womens Kasperi Kapanen Jersey Keenum Keenum there is a Keenum Keenum there is a major drop-off talent.With earned run average of 3, Straily has a 7 record and a 1 aggressive player who runs the floor well,?There’s a league low slightly less than $1 million of salary cap room available to the Giants.They are averaging 101 points per game and surrendering 105, good for a point differential of -4.Beckett make his 9th start as Burnett makes his 11th this battle of veteran right-handers.
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It was basically filled with a lot of ways to how patient you could be, but you have guys doing it it takes a time.Gerrit The Washington Nationals take on the Pittsburgh Pirates on at PNC Park.”But probably more it’s a divisional game and we can finish it the first five minutes of the third period.When I , I the heaviest left winger I ever played with.

The Pirates pitchers as a team have surrendered 227 base knocks and 111 earned runs this .Los averages 104 points per game this year which ranks them 18th the league.Their punters have totaled 1 yards on 37 punts, averaging 48 yards per punt.It’s unbelievable, he said.

It’s not unusual for offensive linemen to be moved from where they played college.When the countrerfeit replica shirts had been bought and names and numbers written onto them marker pen, the players changed into them.His quarterback rating this is 96.That ranks them 25th and 11th respectively the NHL.According to a College Football 24 source who was at Tunsil’s pro day, the offensive tackle told teams on Monday that he pulled the hamstring on March 18.I love how he takes on these big moments, said.

He made 810 stops for a save percentage of 92%.”We held our own, you gotta give our team credit.DC Entertainment 25 Dir.

Darrelle Revis has entered the rental phase of his career, with his team affiliation annual debate.The bullpen has given up 207 hits on the and have a earned run average of 3.Question seven: What’s your family’s best holiday tradition?Pirates outfielder Tabata is 5-for-17 against his career with two doubles, a triple and one RBI.

The Padres have a over under and a run line record, meaning they cover 58% of the time.Diallo’s influence is highlighted by Mainz winning only one of the six Bundesliga matches he has missed this , with the club now facing a battle to hold on to the defender.He has OPS+ of 120 and a slugging percentage of .427.They force 15 turnovers per game which ranks them 25th the league., 10 PNC Park Probable Pitchers: Lyons vs.Drove to a number of different states to do community events numerous locations 2018.

Expect to see the left-hander back the majors the near future.Behind the arc they shoot 41% which is good for 12th the nation.Arizona as a pitching staff has walked 70 batters and struck out 255.The Cardinals hold a .448 team slugging percentage and on-base percentage of .334 Luke Stocker Womens Jersey which is good for 7th baseball.Scored double figures four-straight times, a -best streak .

twice scored 20 plus points

The former Bulldog made his NFL debut 2014 with Tampa Bay, appearing two Ersan Ilyasova Authentic Jersey .Originally signed to a 10-day contract on March 8, Papagiannis holds career averages of 4 points , 3 rebounds, 0 assists and 12 minutes 38 games over two seasons with the Sacramento Kings.He’s pitched 51 innings thus far and given up 50 hits.I think a guy like Mikey who has been the game for a nice bit of time and his family has been the game like they have, I think Mikey sees something, Berto said.He has totaled 126 hits and he has driven 94 men 441 at bats.
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They are 1st the Metropolitan Division.Richards has a 3 record and earned run average of 2.May 31 – Hicks blew his second save, allowing three runs on two hits and two walks 1 innings, as the St.

He didn’t walk anyone that outing and he ended up striking out five batters.

When we go small like that if they double team we have a bunch of guys that can make plays, Aldridge Logan Cooke Youth Jersey said.

We play good defense and we get rewarded.The couple announced their big news on Instagram on 8 with a glamorous pregnancy shoot.Because he was a first-round pick, though, the Giants can lock Beckham up for a fifth .Hopefully, that’s dream, of course, Westfalt said three weeks ago at Flyers development camp.He has a powerful shot generated by great size, a 6-foot-3-pound frame well employed.

Opening line for this matchup preseason michigan

Last , he played for the USHL’s Green Bay Gamblers, putting up a .923 save percentage.addition to Panamanians, and Americans, who have been a part of this landscape for more than 100 years, today’s Panama City is home to a fast-growing population of expats from Europe and across the Americas.Buxton was reinstated on 10, but he hit .122 with 17 strikeouts and one walk 49 at-bats over 17 games before landing back on the disabled list.It was the first time the media saw action on the field with his team as head Womens Everson Griffen Jersey coach of the Detroit Lions.Their total rebound percentage is 51% while their offensive rebound percentage is 28%.Calgary has a Corsi percentage of 48% as they’ve attempted 3 shots on net at full strength while they’ve Ryan Miller Jersey given up 4 shots on net the same situations.
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They need a different approach this year and expect that to be the case tonight the Mile-High City.Their defense is allowing a 46% shooting percentage and a 35% average from 3-point range, ranking them 15th and 7th those defensive statistics.He just sees it faster than anybody else.On defense Buffalo has 669 hits and they have blocked 408 shots from the opposition, putting them 19th overall.I ‘t think he wants to waste this year by sitting on the sideline and not giving his team a shot to make the playoffs.

Paxton Lynch appears to be a first round bust and Chad has not shown much either.They average 54 rebounds per game and 19 assists per contest which ranks them 16th and 21st respectively.Green Bay 12 16 C Concussion ?He also has given up 54 hits.

Mississippi 2015…school-record 22 punts inside five-yard line 2014…National Punter of Week after averaging 54 yards 2014 upset of then-No.The Giants pitchers as a team have surrendered 660 base knocks and 315 earned runs this .Read More Read Less One E-mail A Week Is All You Need!Utah averages 94 points per contest this which ranks them 29th the .

Do we have to be concerned now with Kenjon Barner?Astros Betting Trends The Astros are 33 against the over under far this The Astros are 41 against the run line far this Seattle Mariners Betting Trends The Seattle Mariners are 28 against the over under far this The Seattle Mariners are 25 against the run line far this Injuries to Watch Astros 06 15 CF Marisnick Hamstring is downgraded to not expected to be the starting lineup Friday vs.No Obligation.Oakland 09 17 RB Devontae Wrist ?Doc has a top 7 p preseason handicapper 2017 a a a a a and we have been business s since 1971.

to Get a Six Year Deal Portland Aug 31 12 PM Restricted free agent F Darius and the Portland TrailBlazers are close to reaching agreement on a six year contract for unknown sum.Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers 15.

Bynum going to scorer dangerous

No Salesman.2011, Jackson was in the final of his rookie deal and unhappy the Philadelphia Eagles hadn’t given him a -term extension., 7 Great American Ball Park Cincinnati On , fans at the Great American Ball Park be witness to a great pitching matchup between the New Mets and Cincinnati Reds.have the other half of soccer’s great individual pairing, Messi.The Jaguars average 4 yards per play, which is 19th the National Football League.

went 4 last year preseason play and their coach was lucky to keep his job once the regular completed.Everyone loves to skate and it’s a different kind of kid, kind of player, that comes from Warroad, Minnesota.Olynyk, who completed his third year with the team, averaged 10 points, including shooting 40 percent from beyond the arc, 4 rebounds and 1 assists in 20 minutes per game during the 2015 regular season.

PIT …inactive Weeks 4…released Week 10, but joined the practice squad the following week…promoted the 53- roster Week 13, and spent weeks 14 on the practice squad.The Saints got average of 24 first downs per game, which ranked 1st.On defense New has 274 hits and they’ve blocked 207 shots from the opposition.I?ve seen this do some unbelievable things, but at age 38 to do this tonight is incredible.Bradham apologized a tweet and said he was suspended for the incident July 2016 which he was charged altercation with a hotel employee the South Beach section of Miami.

They have given up 95 home runs this year, which ranks 5th League Baseball.They have allowed 219 power play opportunities and have given up 42 goals on those chances for a penalty kill percentage of 81%.The Vikings give up 134 rushing yards per game on 27 carries for average of 4 yards per .Similar to what we look for when streaming defenses, we’re paying attention to teams we expect to gain a lead and play at home preferably against subpar quarterbacks.No Salesman.

The Colts pass defense has also surrendered a total of 1 yards the air, which is 31st overall total pass defense.They currently are 5th the Pacific Division.Strome, only 19 years old, takes it like a pro and works at it like one.England’s top division is the wealthiest domestic league anywhere the world and promotion into it brings a fortune unparalleled anywhere the sport.

Paxton Lynch appears to be a first round bust and has not shown much either.One day she’s reminding us why the bodycon dress remains a sultry all-season classic and the next she’s serving up bright summer colors.Costa scored the only goal as Juventus closed to within a point of Serie A leaders Napoli following a workmanlike 1 victory over Genoa.He pulls down 7 rebounds per game and dishes out 0 assists per game as well.Mikey has everything to gain from that type of fight and has everything to lose.

Punt return, yards and average 9

Their defense overall allows 32 points per contest, which has them ranked 28th.The Rays hold a .443 team slugging percentage and on-base percentage of .327, which is good for 12th baseball.Minnesota Wild Betting Trends The Minnesota Wild are 40 straight up Winnipeg Jets Betting Trends The Winnipeg Jets are 29 straight up The Winnipeg Jets are against the over under Minnesota Wild Injuries 10 16 D Bartley Tricep out indefinitely 03 17 C Martin Hanzal Illness is upgraded to probable Saturday vs.The Vikings are ranked 21st yards per play allowed with 5.
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European World Cup Qualifier.PERSONAL: MAJOR: Communications Big left arrow icon Big right arrow icon Close icon Three dots icon Down arrow icon Email icon Exit Fullscreen icon External link icon Facebook logo Instagram logo Snapchat logo YouTube logo Grid icon Key icon Left arrow icon Link icon Location icon Mail icon Menu icon Open icon Phone icon Play icon Radio icon Rewind icon Right arrow icon Search icon Select icon Selected icon TV icon Twitter logo Up arrow icon User icon Audio icon Tickets iconAdd to calendar icon.— AP baseball: https: tag MLBbaseball Copyright 2018 by AP.organization where they value what you have to offer is incredible, Scherl later told .

addition to the opportunity for fans from across Steelers Country to connect and get ready for game day, the party featured a number of exciting elements, highlighted by appearances from former Steelers Gildon and LaMarr Woodley.Daniels is one of the best center prospects I’ve evaluated the last five years.Muzzin took a pass from Anze Kopitar and blasted a point shot through traffic past Smith.They give up a walk 3 times per 9 innings while they strike out 7 per 9.

The Vikings are 2 Week 1 the last two years and have a solid rotation of quarterbacks.the turnover department the Huskies rank 37th with 11 per game.means a lot, said Horford.His 43 assists are five more than the players tied for second, one of which is teammate Claude Giroux.

That is more than what can be said about the Broncos, as after Case Keenum Keenum there is a Ke Keen Keenum Keenum there is a Ke Keenum Keenum there is a Keenum Keenum there is a major drop-off talent.The Dodgers hold a .359 team slugging percentage and on-base percentage of .299, which is good for 24th baseball.They rank 5th MLB with 9 hits per contest.

Take #279 Minnesota Vikings +1 over Broncos Both head coaches have outstanding records the exhibition but we will side with Zimmer and his 13 record .Let’s they’re on a collision course for Wimbledon, which begins July 2.When it arrives, the Light Hotel New be docked the River at Pier 88 on the west side of Manhattan, during Super Bowl weekend.Read More Read Less One E-mail A Week Is All You Need!They give B.J. Goodson Youth Jersey up a walk 3 times per 9 innings while they strike out 8 per 9.

UConn’s Kemba Walker , BYU’s Jimmer Fredette , Duke’s Smith , Purdue’s JaJuan , San Diego State’s Kawhi Leonard , Wisconsin’s Steve Grogan Jersey Leuer , Texas’ Hamilton , Wisconsin’s Taylor , and Kentucky’s Terrence Jones rounded out the top ten.Friday 21st July.He has 127 hits this year along with 79 runs scored and 63 RBI.The Chiefs ran for 238 yards on 37 attempts.

They’ve scored 154 goals and surrendered 160 goals for a point differential of -6.He had a few turnover moments where we remembered that he was still only a second-year player, but the improvement tripling his point total from his rookie and nearly doubling his positive plus minus rating gives great hope for Nutivaara.Heck, Ware didn’t even play and they still notched seven sacks.No Credit Card.

Teams are hitting .281 against the bullpen and they’ve struck out 111 hitters and walked 43 batters.He has totaled 53 hits and he has driven 21 men 190 at bats.The Rangers the regained the lead shortly after that as Ryan McDonagh brought the puck up the right side and, just before getting hit by two Kings players, sent it to a streaking Hayes the middle.Tennessee was ranked 16th the league punt returns last with 30.

together a 277 average Week

He gave up four runs that game on six hits while matching his -high walks with four and striking out nine.was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles to a two-year contract on 31, after spending the 2016 with the Super Bowl -winning New England Patriots.That is more than what can be said about the Broncos, as after Case Keenum Keenum there is a Ke Keen Keenum Keenum there is a Ke Keenum Keenum there is a Keenum Keenum there is a major drop-off talent.They had 121 penalties for 1061 yards on defense last year.said Marc Fein, Executive Vice President of Programming, Production and Business Operations for Versus.
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Labbadia was denied victory his first game as Wolfsburg boss as hosts Mainz claimed a point from a 1 Bundesliga draw.went 4 off talent.Trail Blazers power forward LaMarcus Aldridge wasn’t at his best against the Kings, but he still finished with 22 points, four rebounds and two blocks.Betfred Super League.On Thanksgiving night, Romo vowed that Anthony Brown Authentic Jersey he would be better.

Their rushing defense has given up 52 attempts for 231 yards this , putting them 20th place the NFL against the run.21: With the 2010 All- Game just three weeks away, and with officially on the calendar, League Baseball and Fox have hit the beach with a campaign to support the event at Stadium of Anaheim on July 13.The alleged drag race ended when Dareus’ left the roadway near the entrance of a Mongolian Buffet, continued over the grass, onto a parking lot before striking a tree out front of the restaurant.The Tigers have a record of 1 over the 57 innings he’s pitched during which he’s given up 60 hits.Cincinnati ‘s Pick: Take Connecticut +6 Get $60 worth of FREE premium member picks.They came around real quick when they realized he was the right for that group of players.

Here you can’t plan anything, he said.Pectoral 10-day DL 03 18 P Shelby Elbow 60-day DL Key Washington Nationals Injuries 04 18 CF Michael Groin is ?Clubs who have shown interest include Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago Cubs, New Yankees and Arizona.The opening line for this game has Iowa as 4 point favorites and the over under was set at 54.We ‘t, either.

He averages 1 assists per contest and 4 rebounds per game for Hampton.”All things considered, coming back from a road trip and where we are the standings and knowing how we dropped and how people are struggling, that’s upsetting.Fast Sign up with Instant Access Click Here Free Play from Doc’s Sports.They need a different approach this year and expect that to be the case tonight the Mile-High City.

The Rockies are 30th the league team at 5 and 30th the league hits allowed Chase Utley Jersey per 9 innings at 10.No Credit Card.It’s been well-documented, though, that the Ravens are the midst of offseason overhaul at the wide receiver position Even after agreeing to the framework of deals with Brown and , they had expressed interest and were hoping to bring him for a free-agent visit.

Useful Pitching Statistics Seattle has a 75 overall this year.went 4 off talent.They have given up 188 home runs this year, which ranks 9th League Baseball.fact, the best leaders find ways to encourage others around them to step up to the plate that they ‘t have to.

The Angels are against the run line and have a over under record.

He has 17 assists, giving him a total of 30 points on the year.Pittsburgh allows 243 passing yards per game, ranking 16th, and they allow 20 points per contest on defense, which ranks 10th.Neville Aston Villa FC via Getty Images Villa’s financial accounts for the 2016 were filed with Companies House February and they do not make for pretty reading.There’s been no indication that the Seahawks are interested extending with a year still left on his current deal.

terms of Fenwick percentage, they currently are at 47% as they have 2 shots while they’ve given up 2 attempts on defense.He pulls down 8 rebounds per game and dishes out 8 assists per game as well.

Draft signed head a free agent with indiana

They throw for 250 yards through the air per game, ranking them 16th.Opponents average 34 rebounds a game which ranks 124th and they give up 10 assists per contest which puts them 16th place the nation.Arenado comes into this matchup after batting .294 with OBP of .362.They’ve stolen 9 bases while they’ve been thrown out stealing 7 times.
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Everyone is going to be entitled to their opinion.They need a different approach this year and expect that to be the case tonight the Mile-High City.That’s dream.

Read Read Less One E-mail A Week Is All You Need!No Salesman.Runner-up to Hedo Turkoglu for the 2007 Most Improved Player Award DeSean Jackson Authentic Jersey …Saturday vs.You’re always looking to make adjustments.Fast Sign up with Instant Access Click Here Free Play from Doc’s Sports.

”To represent this game to our guys meant even more,” Ravens coach Harbaugh said.Valuable UC Riverside Highlanders Betting Trends The UC Riverside Highlanders are 2 against the over under this year Important Michigan Wolverines Betting Trends The Michigan Wolverines are 2 against the spread this The Michigan Wolverines are 2 against the over under this year Key UC Riverside Highlanders Injuries No key injuries to report Key Michigan Wolverines Injuries No key injuries to report Player Spotlight Larsson averages 14 points per contest while playing 25 minutes per night this year.The Bengals average 26 yards per kick return and have a long of 41 yards this year.His field goal percentage is 42% and his free throw percentage is 77%.Four Saints offensive linemen were named to the Pro Bowl during Smith’s time with the unit: T Jermon Everson Griffen Jersey Bushrod, G Jahri Evans, G Ben Grubbs and G Carl Nicks.

went 4 last year preseason play and their coach was lucky to keep his job once the regular completed.Durant went 1 of 5 from behind the arc.No Credit Card.

Take #279 Minnesota Vikings +1 over Broncos Both head coaches have outstanding records the exhibition but we side with Zimmer and his 13 record .Weaknesses.Dec 19 10 AM Krzyzewski said on John Calipari’s new podcast, Cal Cast, that DeMarcus Cousins gets a bad rap sometimes.They are 255th college basketball pace with 68 possessions per 40 minutes, and their eFG% of 55% is 53rd.

Seasons and three multi the past four

And getting them couldn’t be easier.He added one block.Lillard had a -high 49 points.Gets Record-Breaking Deal; Flacco Drops to Ninth-Highest Paid QB While Flacco compete against this year, another 2008 first-round quarterback is cashing .
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Number of players each event is subject to change.You ‘t miss anything until it’s of the last 10 years the same thing holds true.He struck out 10 times over the four games, more than twice as much as any other player.

Mattison, Pagano and Pees were all promoted from within, as well as Rex before Harbaugh arrived 2008.The Cavs own a perfect 8 record, and aside from Game 3 Indiana , where Justin Britt Youth Jersey they had to come back from a 20-point first half deficit, the Cavs were control of every single game.It’s just that his worst-case scenario is far different from everyone ‘s.I know for pretty sure the Cavs were the dark, said Windhorst on Zach ‘s podcast.Let me be crystal clear: It’s not going to be this team.

Big left arrow icon Big right arrow icon Close icon Three dots icon Down arrow icon Email icon Exit Fullscreen icon External link icon Facebook logo Instagram logo Snapchat logo YouTube logo Grid icon Key icon Left arrow icon Link icon Location icon Mail icon Menu icon Open icon Phone icon Play icon Radio icon Rewind icon Right arrow icon Search icon Select icon Selected icon TV icon Twitter logo Up arrow icon User icon Audio icon Tickets iconAdd to calendar icon.NOTES: Flyers D Streit was activated off -term injury before the game and F Boyd was waived.The has only been tracking fourth-quarter points for 20 years, and the record for a is 9 by the Lakers’ Kobe 2006.The Wizards have struggled recently but are generally playing well.’s recent Womens Kasperi Kapanen Jersey history of putting quarterbacks the NFL was appealing to , who sees an opportunity to sit for a year and emerge as a frontrunner next to replace Thorson.

increasingly pass-heavy NFL, he’s capable of reaching the 2-yard a best-case scenario.Pacers at Pistons Indiana won a second a row Saturday, 123 overtime over Brooklyn.Analysis: Not good for a who has averaged 35 points the five prior to Tuesday.On Saturday, he walked me out of his office toward the elevator, passing the game room he created, with a pool table and a full-sized Ms.We wanted to focus on this one and I think the guys did a good job of it.I never understand.

about 1280 days ago | Associated Press.

high is volume Keenum Keenum

New Orleans won a second straight Thursday, 104 Brooklyn.Mantha added his seventh of the on a power play the third.Green went 1 of 6 from behind the arc.Miami ended a four-game losing streak with a 109 home upset over on Tuesday.military at hundreds of bases and outposts around the world.Oti Adjei: AFCON Expansion CAF’s decision to expand the number of teams competing the Africa Cup of Nations to 24 effectively means that just under half of the continent be present!

Baseball America rated him as possessing the best fastball the Sox minor league organization.Rozier went 1 of 7 from behind the arc.Almost deafening.How you do determine whether it was incidental contact with the helmet or whether a runner is using the helmet as a weapon?far, he’s been favorite receiver prospect to watch.Nobody questions ‘s talent, but he already has two suspensions to his name and attempted to overthrow the Steelers locker room last year before his job to JuJu Smith-Schuster.

He has impressive stutter-bull rush and he can win with pure speed as well.Weaknesses.While players at some positions struggle to make the leap, we’ve seen wide receivers come and be difference-makers right away.Moreover, stats rarely tell you whether players are lining up correctly or making good decisions their own end.Reason for alarm?

is going to have to do it.The Clippers have played well without Griffin, but anyone who says they are better without him doesn’t know basketball.Former veteran of 287 , Jacobson, is another talent averaging 13 points per contest on 42% shooting from three.With a pair of physically imposing wideouts and a slot who possesses extraordinary short-area quickness , has the ammunition to execute assortment of catch-and-run plays that produce positive gains before the defense can close on the ball.But not going to dwell on that a lot.

United Way Worldwide is also announcing a United Way Healthy Lifestyle Grant the amount of $50 each to select Clubs at their events, totaling $250.I mean, how can you guard someone like that?Weber, a 1-yard rusher last year as a freshman, scored on runs of 1 and 2 yards showing signs that the hamstring injury that limited him to seven carries this is healed.Drosselmeyer, Smith 8.At this point, Farrell might as well just pencil Sale for Opening Day — 2018.

Still, any momentum at all is great for a team like this that has done little for .He showed it to me, Tomlinson said.short, it has been a good year so far for Schottenheimer.27 – – scored four points Tuesday, going 1 of 11 from the field, as the Hornets defeated the Chicago Bulls 118.If no agreement is reached, Jones will play under the linebacker tender worth roughly $14 million for 2017.

The Senators acquire defenceman Ian , goalie prospect Filip Gustavsson, a 2018 first round pick, and a 2019 third round pick from the Penguins.Schotty has helped them some ways that shows that.

And social media under several umbrella theme greatness overcomes

I’m versatile.RB , Wisconsin: keeps piling up 100-yard away from the national spotlight.Iggy also referred to Hopkins as .Saw action all 16 with 12 starts 2016.
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He added two blocks.You pay to them play Centre Court, rather than compete on.Saunders asked.But if not, he said it was still important he was the trenches with the rest of the team.

The Matchups: South vs.If you ask a Blue Jackets fan which jacket is most likely to score short-handed there should really Chris Carson Jersey only be one answer.Analysis: It the second leg of a back-to-back for the tanking Grizzlies and Gasol played 32 minutes Friday’s loss to Utah.Rua has weathered the promotion’s game of musical chairs stride, but he did take note of one detail regarding his replacement opponent.

He added three blocks and one steal.went on to finish 15th the FedExCup and earned his Ryder Cup debut at Gleneagles.He appeared 59 last and posted a .907 save percentage.

Scored double-figures 13 times …intercepted a Beathard pass intended for Bolden.Strowman for the WWE Championship.

Has he improved his Keith McGill Jersey velocity?We detailed ‘s Hall of Fame legacy back when we took a look at the second round of ‘s QB bracket as well as when picking the all-time Packer roster, but let’s think about it again.He’s confident he can have impact against Boston the Eastern Conference finals.?Attendance is up over 20%, our team sponsorship numbers and team ticket sales numbers are up as well, and we continue to provide teams with high-quality players.

The way he’s playing now, he’s playing exceptionally well, Lakers coach said.Free Picks: Celtics at Lakers, Finals Game 1 Predictions by Matthews – 6 2010 After what seemed like eternity between , the Finals finally tip off Thursday night matching the two most storied franchises the league, the Lakers and Celtics.1 overall pick from 1996.Tennessee Winner plays Mississippi.