Detroit Lions mailbag: Line upgrades, offensive potential and more

It’s the calm before the storm that is the NFL draft. We’re three weeks out from the crown-jewel event of the NFL offseason, so while we’re waiting, let’s knock out a mailbag.

The team should also be looking for an interior lineman in the first three or four rounds of the draft, a prospect who can step into the starting lineup in his first season. I’m just not convinced Joe Dahl or free-agent addition Kenny Wiggins is the solution to rounding out the starting five.

Scheme could be the biggest difference. The Lions largely kept their offensive coaching staff in place, but there’s a new face in charge of the line. The blocking struggled under former assistant Ron Prince. His replacement, Jeff Davidson, will be charged with getting the group functioning at a higher level.

He’ll be paired with McIlroy again in what is setting up to be an intense final round, and if the gallery reactions so far are any indication, the vast majority of fans will be pulling against the leader.

So why?

“Because he’s cocky. Because he said he was a top-five player a few years ago,” said John Marek, the rare fan here who followed Reed throughout his round. “What is he supposed to say? If you’re a top PGA Tour pro, you better be confident or you won’t be out here long.”

Reed is at 14 under after the third-round, three strokes ahead of McIlroy. The latter made a brilliant birdie putt on the 18th hole to give this Masters, which had a leaderboard loaded with major winners when the day began, an epic match-play finale.

McIlroy lobbed the first bomb.

I don’t. No. One of the things when I got into this, I try and not get involved. I like dealing with you guys every day and I know a lot of you really well, but I don’t read it or pay attention to it much. Joe Torre once told me when I first came to New York, ‘Don’t read the papers.’ I’m just kind of focused on the day to day. Not to say I don’t keep up on what the heck is going on, I’m aware of things that I need to be aware of and have conversations with Zillo all the time about these types of things, but I don’t really go there.bills_003