What is WAR good for, anyway?

As it turns out, evaluating player value and comparing production among MLB players.

No, I’m not talking about the violence and weapons kind of WAR, I’m talking about Wins Above Replacement.

“I can tell you, I’m going to work hard, and I’m just going to keep playing hard. My goal is to finish in the majors,” Jimenez told Sporting News. “If I’m a star, I know I’m going to finish in the majors.”

Asked when Jimenez might get his first crack at the majors, Hahn acknowledges that, despite being 21 and having made only 73 plate appearances above High-A, he could very well force his way into the White Sox outfield this summer.

“The good ones have a way of changing your timeline,” Hahn said. “And it’s not going to shock me if at some point over the summer if Eloy forces our hand, and we’re going to have to wind up being a little more aggressive.”

In a small sample size vacuum, Cousins doesn’t *look* eight figures better than Keenum was last season. The former Vikings quarterback completed more of his passes, had a lower turnover rate, and provided a higher approximate value (according to Pro Football Reference) than his replacement.

While Cousins worked with a lesser supporting cast, he was forced into a more conservative game plan last fall. His average yards per pass was just 7.6, barely higher than the 7.4 Keenum recorded in a season that began, like with Bradford before him, by focusing on short, accurate passes to help build his momentum as a starter. But in 2016, that figure was up to 8.1 yards more accurately reflecting the value Cousins provides with the right tools.

The Chiefs didn’t wait until the offseason to make their move, agreeing to a deal to trade Smith to Washington for a third-round pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller. ravens_149

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